Emerging Athlete Weekly Wrap #3

By Flynn Loft

Each week, we want to put a spotlight on our emerging athletes that participate in state league and local competitions across Australia. We are so proud to support clients from a wide range of sports and competitions, so let’s take a moment to highlight just a few who had stellar performances over the weekend!


7th of August - 9th of August

Over the weekend we saw a return to the U18 Academy Series with Gold Coast defeating Brisbane by 53 points. Aiden Fyfe made the most of the first quarter hitting the scoreboard early and continued his dominance throughout the remainder of the game. Rhys Nicholls’ run-and-carry during the game proved to be productive for the Suns, rebounding it from their back half. Ryan Pickering and Tom Hofert both shared the ruck duties for the Suns Academy and had great performances. 

Broadbeach’s Kwaby Boakye was named in the side’s best players, as they were able to defeat the reigning premiers over the weekend. Boakye’s dashing speed and foot skills proved pivotal to breaking lines and entering their forward half. Meanwhile, Coolangatta’s Corey Joyce has continued his strong form being named best on ground in their sides victory, putting them into 2nd spot on the ladder.

Sydney University remains undefeated with Jake Bartholomaeus now making it three straight best on ground performances. Whilst Ryan Hebron’s North Shore Bombers are also undefeated winning by 25 goals, Ryan was able to chip in with 4 of his own.

There was also a return to the Queensland Basketball League over the weekend. We can’t wait to see our very own Maddie Hinchliffe back in action this weekend for the Hart Sapphire Series, playing for the Brisbane North Cougars.

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